Close the gap between where you are now – and where you want to be!

Every one of us has an aspect of our life or work that we would like to improve. It could be your personal growth, health, money, job, career, relationship, friends, family and more.

Coaching can help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be and do it faster than you could if you were to do it alone.

People seek out coaching for many reasons. Some people want to achieve more and need help to overcome blockers so that they can get results and achieve goals. Others may feel flat, depressed, anxious or that they’ve lost their mojo. Either way, there doesn’t need to be anything wrong with you to seek out a life coach, just a desire and a commitment for change and results.

Coaching isn’t just for athletes, corporate executives,¬†celebrities or those with a mid-life crisis, it’s for normal people who need clarity and direction in their lives, careers or business, help with setting goals and to be held accountable for taking action.¬†

My Clients

There are four groups of clients that I provide LGBTI+ coaching to:

  • LGBTI+ People
  • LGBTI+ Family & Friends
  • LGBTI+ Community Organisations
  • Organisations that employ or provide services to LGBTI+ people

I also provide LGBTI+ coaching services to LGBTI+ people of all ages, including:

  • LGBTI+ Youth (16-21)
  • LGBTI+ Adults
  • LGBTI+ Retirees
  • LGBTI+ Elders

How is LGBTI+ coaching different from normal coaching?

The truth is, it’s very similar, however let’s be honest… LGBTI+ people and communities are marginalised and we experience issues that most non-LGBTI+ people do not experience, or do not experience to the degree that we do. We also have uniqueness as a collective and within the many sub-groups that make up the rich global community that we are a part of.

The coaching that I provide recognises and appreciates the rich tapestry of experiences within the LGBTI+ community regardless of how my clients identify themselves. I’m able to consider the diverse challenges and uniqueness of being LGBTI+ and you can be more open and honest with me, than you may be with non-LGBTI+ coaches.